Friday, September 19, 2014

Evangelical FRD Podcast Conversation with Paul Louis Metzger and Kyogen Carlson on Christian-Buddhist Relationships

The latest podcast for the Evangelical Chapter of the Foundation for Religious Diplomacy is now available. It is a conversation with Paul Louis Metzger and Kyogen Carlson on Christian-Buddhist relationships. Metzger is Professor of Christian Theology and Theology of Culture at Multnomah University and Multnomah Biblical Seminary. Carlson is a Soto Zen priest and abbot of Dharma Rain Zen Center.

This conversation was recorded on September 17. Kyogen Carlson passed away the following day. This was his last work in multifaith engagement. We are privileged to have known him, to have had him as a friend, and to have worked with him in religious diplomacy.

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Unknown said...

Kyogen beautifully expressed the transformative experience of mutual sharing of different religious experiences. He did not try to reduce these to some harmonic oneness or sameness. He allowed the tension to remain between stories or experiences that seemed to be mutually exclusive. Yet there was no question of his love for his conversation partner, or his commitment to the truth as he saw it. Paul has the same wonderful way of holding to what he holds true while holding his challenging conversation partner as a dear peer. We will miss Kyogen very much.