Thursday, December 12, 2013

FRD Podcast 1.2 - Interview with Pastor Steve Stone of Heartsong Church

This podcast features an interview with Pastor Steve Stone of Heartsong Church in Cordova, Tennessee. He discusses his congregational relationship and extension of love for neighbor to the local Muslim community, and how this became an international media story. For additional background, see the many news stories on this, such as that in USA Today:

This is a podcast of the Foundation for Religious Diplomacy ( The interviewer is John Morehead, an FRD board member and Custodian of its Evangelical Chapter.


Unknown said...

Thanks so much, John, for taking the time to hear our story. Can you send me a copy of the interview that I can download and archive for the Friendship Park project we are doing? Steve Stone.

SteveA said...

That was beautiful. I broke down at one point where in response to the Heartsong Church which they learned of only in a 45 sec interview, a spokesman for a group in Pakistan mentioned their love for us in America and how it inspired a deed of service they in turn performed for their Christian neighbors there. Marvelous.

We moved to West Tennessee a few months ago and not far from them. Haven't settled on a church home yet and yesterday morning I considered going to Heartsong. But, I stopped a few hundred yards short and stopped in at the Highland Church of Christ. It was through them and their campus ministry at the U. of Memphis that I met my wife forty years ago. Yesterday I met a man who went to school with my brother. I sat next to a lady who knew several of my cousins. I met others with whom I could make connections. I'm grateful for the comfort that family and heritage provide. However, I am more resolved to at least check out Heartsong.

This from Pastor Stone will stay with me too:

"Fear and Ignorance are not supposed to make my decisions for me."

John W. Morehead said...

Thanks again for doing the interview, Pastor Steve. And thanks for your comments, Steve Allison. This is a reminder of how loving neighbors is not only heartwarming, but has an impact across the world.