Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Pagan Summer Solstice Celebration in Pahokee Causes Christian Uproar

Last week I received a call from Selena Fox of the Lady Liberty League who let me know about a controversy that was brewing in Pahokee, Florida. Later this month some of the local Pagan community in the town will be celebrating the Summer Solstice. This led to an uproar at the City Council meeting last week where several local pastors and members of their churches shared their concerns about the upcoming event as summarized at The Wild Hunt:
One by one they hurled their spite on the absent Pagan menace they wished their local politicians would repel. Pastor Brad Smith called the event “an abomination,” while Rev. Raul Rodriguez said that “we don’t need this in our town. Not now. Not ever.” Bishop Jared Hines warned that the festival was “not only detrimental to our city but to our county,” and Evangelist Lillian Brown claimed that “God cannot heal our land if we have witches and warlocks violating our community.” Violating, detrimental, an abomination, and that’s only a sample from the mob that vented itself.
 Selena Fox asked if I would be willing to help if needed with the Christian community as I did previously with the Fox News Pagan controversy. I told her that I would be more than happy to help dispel misunderstanding and work toward love of neighbor. To that end, I sent emails to the Pahokee Mayor, its City Council members, and the few pastors I could track down via the email from the online news item on the story. I have also offered to fly out to present a seminar to the Christian community if I can secure a sponsor to underwrite my travel costs and a venue for the presentation.

Meanwhile, the Pagan community through the Lady Liberty League continues its own efforts at trying to defuse this unfortunate situation.


Pagan In Paradise said...

Good to see you engaged in this John. Thank You!

Peter Dybing
Lady Liberty League

John W. Morehead said...

Thanks for the kind words, Peter. If I can help with my religious community please let me know.