Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Essay Published in Q:Ideas for the Common Good

Q: Ideas for the Common Good has published my essay, "Evangelical Credibility and Religious Pluralism." I begin with a consideration of leading evangelicals in politics as illustrative of a broader program in regards to to the religions.  I then sketch other areas where evangelicals have a credibility problem in regards to the religions and pluralism, and then suggest a way forward. An excerpt from the piece:

If Christians are to overcome this credibility problem, they will have to address the reality of life and faith in the midst of religious diversity. Skye Jethani, Senior Editor of Leadership Journal, has said that if the culture is religiously diverse around us, but the church is not talking about what it means to be a Christian in this environment, then the church will continue to suffer as a result.

But how can this credibility gap be addressed? How can we move forward in ways that are faithful to our religious convictions? And can this be done in positive ways without compromise? 
The essay can be read here.

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