Saturday, October 31, 2009

Christianity Today: Mormons, Evangelicals, and "Most Improbable Dialogue"

Richard Ostling, co-author with his wife Joan of Mormon America, has written an article on evangelical-Mormon dialogue for Christianity Today magazine. The article is titled "Most Improbable Dialogue" and it is found at htis link. The thoughtful Mormon blogger Aquinas has posted his commentary and corrections to some of Ostling's portrait of Mormon teaching at Summa Theologica. I would add that dialogues are also taking place on a community level, such as the one have been involved with for two years now, and which is poised for expansion. In my view these grassroots level dialogues are significant, perhaps even more than the academic dialogues that have been taking place for several years.

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aquinas said...

Thanks for the link John. While I tended to devote a lot of time in my review to descriptions of Mormon teachings, I was glad that more people will learn about the various interactions between Evangelicals and Latter-day Saints at the scholarly level as well as the grassroots level as you point out. Hopefully, while such dialogue may be "improbable" it isn't impossible!