Saturday, August 08, 2009

2009 Salt Lake Sunstone Symposium Next Week

I recently received the program for the 2009 Salt Lake Sunstone Symposium. It figures that during a year when my schedule unfortunately prohibits me from attending that several sessions are of great interest. Not to worry: I've already sent an email asking how I can order recordings of the sessions on MP3 or CD at the symposium's conclusion. Those of greatest appeal to me due to personal and research interests include the following:
"Mormons and Mediums: LDS Women's Pursuit of Mediated and Non-Mediated Communication with the Dead" moderated by Carolyn Campbell and featuring panelists of Deloris Beynon, Laura Bush, Doe Daughtrey, and Pepper Gregory.
"Sacred Sci-Fi: The Fiction of Orson Scott Card as Mormon Mythmaking" by Christopher C. Smith.
"Us-Them Tribalism and Early Mormonism" by D. Michael Quinn.
"Religious Tribalism in the Larger Society" chaired by D. Michael Quinn and also including panelists Colleen McDannell, David C. Knowlton, and Jan Shipps.
"Adam & Eve in America: Gnostic Mormon Retellings of the Genesis Narrative" by Boyd J. Petersen.
"Do Mormon Moms Dream of Monstrous Gods?: Interpreting Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Myth moderated by Maxine Hanks and including panelists Holly Welker, Doe Daughtrey and Jana K. Riess.
"Young Scholars in Mormon Studies" moderated by Brian Birch and involving panelists Elizabeth Pinborough, Brittany A. Chapman, Lloyd Ericson, and Boyd J. Peterson.

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