Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Interview with Phil Wyman of The Gathering

Shortly after Halloween I mentioned the interesting story of Pastor Phil Wyman, whose ministry approach with The Gathering among Pagans and Wiccans in Salem ran afoul of Foursquare denomination leaders. John Smulo has a two-part interview (Part 1 & Part 2) with Phil where you can learn more about him, the controversy, and his exciting minsistry.

Phil's interview and story has also been favorably posted on The Wild Hunt Blog, a Pagan blog worth reading.


Anonymous said...

John thank you for taking to time to mention this interview with Phil Wyman.

I think it's very important we give him all the support we can, and rethink how we treat those who seek to reach out to those who traditionally the church has been ineffective in reaching out to.

Anonymous said...

Thanks John. I'm looking forward to thinking through reaching more people more places with you.