Thursday, October 12, 2006

Burning Man Essay Available Online

I recently completed my essay on Burning Man as part of the course requirements for Salt Lake Theological Seminary. I presented the paper to faculty, staff, and guests this week and it was well received. The paper is available on our Lausanne issue group's website and can be downloaded here.

I will be following this paper up with one for my apologetic traditions course this semester that develops a missional apologetic to Burning Man culture.


Missional Jerry said...

I blogged on this right after Burning Man. I find this topic to be fascinating.

John I appreciate you willingness to go and to share your experience.

philjohnson said...

Nice to read the completed essay. I am sure that you have collated some important primary sources and secondary interpretative materials to proceed to the full-length dissertation next year.

Well done.

Sally said...

Thank you for this John- it has been very helpful for an essay I am writing!

Sally said...

btw- I promise no plagarism!