Monday, February 18, 2013

Fox News (and Other Media) Denigrate Wicca

Fox News recently portrayed an aspect of Paganism inaccurately and unfairly, apparently as a way of bolstering conservative and Christian feelings of religious persecution in the public square. As the Witchy Words blog reports:
Not only do they repeatedly refer to Wicca as "Wiccanism," but suddenly jump from a figure of 20% (which accounts for the eight standard Wiccan sabbats) to 20 holidays. They continue to stereotype what a standard Wiccan is like, calling us "compulsive Dungeons and Dragons players" or "middle-aged, twice-divorced older [women] living in a rural area." Neither of which I fall under.
The Wild Hunt blog also provides additional video and media examples.

Conservatives, whether of a political or religious stripe, can and should do better than this in at least three ways. First, a fair and accurate understanding is called for. Second, Wicca should be portrayed just as sympathetically as an individual would want their religion and religious commitments portrayed. And third, conservatives have to find a way to move beyond demonizing others in the culture wars as a means of boundary maintenance and bolstering a sense of being under attack. To this Evangelical and religious diplomat, it doesn't appear like this is a very Christlike way of religious encounter.


LearningCompassion26 said...

As a practicing Wiccan, your fair and open views on how all aspects of faith should be treated is greatly appreciated. Not only have you shared this story, but you have given insight into what it means to be a true practitioner of a faith that represents love and peace. Thank you for being fair and just in your portrayal of this story.

C Steele said...

Thank you

Heather Greene said...

Thank You, John.

Heather Greene said...

Thank You, John.

Amanda said...

Thank you very much for your kind words. I think it really does good for the world. :-) I think LearningCompassion said it perfectly.