Thursday, March 15, 2007

Summer Teaching Opportunities

As I complete my masters degree in intercultural studies I have begun to look beyond the degree and into summer ministry activities. Three teaching opportunities have arisen that I am really looking forward to.

The first comes in the form of two seminar series that I will present at Cornerstone Festival during the week of June 25-30, including "Going Native: How Far is Too Far?" which will look at contextualization and syncretism in connection with missions, and the second is "The Feast of Fools: Burning Man, the Rainbow Family, and Holy Festivity" which will summarize aspects of my masters thesis.

The second opportunity comes in early July on the 7th as part of a Pagan Festival sponsored by Ogden Pagan Community Builders where I will be speaking on the topic of "Reflections of a Christian Guest on Hospitality and Dialogue in a World of Pluralism."

The third opportunity will also be in July as I co-teach a course at Salt Lake Theological Seminary tentatively titled "Faith and Film." For my part I will help students use film as a cultural "text" that enables them to engage in theological reflection, and to disccover ways n which popular culture may serve religious functions in contemporary society. Although we are still working out the details, I am planning on showing and discussing excerpts from The Devil's Advocate and Minority Report, and will be screening and reviewing The Planet of the Apes (1968) in its entirety.

These should be instructive and a lot of fun.

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