Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Reactions to My Perspective on Apologetic DVD Distribution

As readers may recall, I wrote a critique of an apologetic DVD on Mormonism back in February that was recently distributed to some 350,000 in Utah and 150,000 Latter-day Saint homes in other states and Canada. The original review and critique may be found here:

With the distribution of the video, and the subsequent Internet search for information on it, my blog traffic has soared this week, setting an all time high Monday of nearly 600 hits. The referring sources for these inquires have come from Latter-day Saint websites, including the website of the Foundation for Apologetic Information and Research (FAIR), where they link to my blog post at the conclusion of their overview discussion of the video at the bottom of the page where they list other resources available:

In addition, yesterday I spoke with Peggy Fletcher-Stack, a journalist with The Salt Lake Tribune on this topic for a story that ran today on the front page. The electronic edition can be found here:

I figured that my comments would be somewhat controversial in the counter-cult community, and would generate questions. Today someone in the counter-cult community developed a blog post where he raised a question in response to one of my comments about the need to find common ground with Latter-day Saints. He raised the question, "What common ground?" Interested readers can find my responses and interactions with counter-cult personalities here:

Finally, while it may not be directly related to these develpments, my friend and colleague Jon Trott of JPUSA passed along an inquiry from a public television station with an invitation to write a review of a forthcoming documentary on Mormonism that will run this spring as a result of a collaboration between PBS's American Experience and Frontline. I have agreed to preview part one of this series and to write a review for various venues.

I think these activities represent significant and positive results that have taken place by the articulation of a thoughtful alternative perspective.


SlimJim said...

Hey there brother,
I've heard of your name before passed around in the past,
I saw your comment on Countercult at Wordpress,
I was wondering, maybe this might be a bit off and tangent, if you might be into contextualization, as expressed in places like Fuller and William Carrey University?

God bless your ministry and missions to Mormons

John W. Morehead said...

Yes, Jim, cross-cultural missions and contextualization as expressed in institutions like those you mention.

Heart for the Lost said...


I have to ask you a question. Why do you forsake your own methodology of being relational and culturally sensitive when it comes to other Christians? I find it interesting that those who have a good theology you respond with confrontation, yet those who are into doctrines of devils you make every effort to be relational with. I think you need to start being more consistent in your methodology.

John W. Morehead said...

Heart for the Lost, I am consistent in my "relational" approach as you put it, and to demonstrate this I will interact with you here.

For the record, I shared my concerns about the DVD project with Chip Thompson privately and gave him a chance to respnd before sharing my review publicly. My interactions with him were respectful and cordial. Unfortunately, I did not receive the same in return.

Second, you might consider that critique of methodology is not antithetical to being "relational." I try to accomplish both.

Third, it is a mistake to label my approach as merely "relational" and to call those of us who use it "relationists." A broader familiarity with our work and writings on the topic will reveal that we are putting forward a cross-cultural missions approach to new religions that includes many element, relationships being one of them.

In the interests of relationality and fairness I'll have to ask you to consider referring to this approach more correctly, and to becoming more familiar with the essence of what it is in future blog posts of your own.