Monday, August 21, 2006

Burning Man: Experience Leads Pastor to Redefine Weird

A friend of mine at Fair Oaks Presbyterian Church passed along an interesting article by Randy Bohlender, Lead Pastor of SpiritLife Community Church. The article is titled "The redefinition of my personal concept of weird," and it was written after Pastor Bohlender attended a Burning Man Festival, which I am preparing to attend next week. The article includes the following conclusions:

1. I no longer find it weird that Burning Man thrives in a harsh setting with no advertising budget.

2. I do find it weird that the church strives to convenience people when people really thrive on challenge.

3. I no longer find it weird when people express themselves in ways I never thought of.

4. I find it weird that the church world appears to have been made from a cookie cutter.

5. I no longer find it weird that people will go to great lengths to escape their reality.

6. I find it weird that so many Christians are satisfied with their present reality.

Read the article to find the context for these conclusions, and how Pastor Bohlender came to these ideas.

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