Sunday, October 06, 2013

CNN Addresses the "Holy Trolls"

Over the weekend John Blake posted a great story at the CNN Belief Blog addressing the "Holy Trolls," those individuals who post negative, uncivil, and abrasive comments on religious websites or in response to religious topics. This is a huge problem that not only stifles productive conversation on these topics, but also changes perceptions of the topics themselves into negative. It also steals from the virtual public square with its function as a forum for us to discuss the most pressing religious challenges that divide us. Read Blake's essay, "Holy Trollers: How to argue about religion online," and then take a look at The World Table as a tool that directly addresses the challenges raised in the CNN piece.


Steve Hayes said...

It seems to me that in religious discussions the trolls greatly outnumber genuine participants. It is very difficult to have a useful and informative discussion that involves religion online.

John W. Morehead said...

It is indeed, Steve, but at The World Table we have created an environment where this is taking place. Join us at