Saturday, December 04, 2010

By Common Consent Review of New Davies Book on Mormonism

The latest academic exploration of Mormonism by Douglas Davies is now available in the form of Joseph Smith, Jesus, and Satanic Opposition: Atonement, Evil and the Mormon Vision. (Ashgate, 2010). I am awaiting my review copy for Sacred Tribes Journal, but in the meantime there is an interesting review by a Latter-day Saint at the By Common Consent blog. I would draw attention to the reviewer's discussion in Davies in regards to LDS binitarianism (in contrast with evangelical foci on polytheism or henotheism), the significance of apostasy to LDS theology and ecclesiology (a factor in dialogue that serves as a reminder that while evangelical reluctance to call Mormons Christian bothers them, the significance of evangelical apostasy from their perspective is equally troubling to us), and an emphasis on folk theology (often ignored or neglected in evangelical approaches).

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