Wednesday, June 04, 2008

2008 Salt Lake Sunstone Symposium

Today I received a brochure announcing the 2008 Salt Lake Sunstone Symposium, to be held August 6-9. This year's theme is an interesting one as Mormons grapple with "The Spirituality of the Rising Generation." As the brochure describes, "the symposium will feature about a dozen sessions relating to the fit between today's Mormonism and the life-worlds of young adults (late teens through early thirties)." Two of the evening plenary sessions caught my eye in the form of noted sociologist Wade Clark Roof's presentation on Wednesday, August 6 "on the spirituality of the rising generation and inter-generational dynamics within churches." And on Friday, August 8 outgoing Sunstone editor Dan Wotherspoon, and Susan Skoor, an apostle of the Community of Christ (formerly Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints), will speak on "Pillars of My Faith."

Pre-registration for the conference must be received before August 4 which can be done through Sunstone's website (link above) or by calling (801) 355-5926.

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