Friday, July 06, 2007

Utah Summer Spirit Fest Workshop

Tomorrow I will be presenting a workshop at the Utah Summer Spirit Fest. This is a Pagan gatherng put together by Eagles Kindred of Utah. The event begins this afternoon and runs through Sunday and it will be held in Ogden. The title of my workshop is "Reflections of a Christian Guest on Hospitality and Dialogue in a World of Pluralism."

My relationship with some in the Utah Pagan community has also resulted in an invitation to present a workshop at Pagan Pride Day on September 22 in Murray Park in Salt Lake City. I have been asked to address my Burning Man Festival research and experiences, and how spirituality might be found in such places.
I am looking forward to these opportunities, and to fostering additional relationships within Utah's Pagan community.


Marie Natha said...

Birds of a feather!!!!!!!!

--Jackie Alnor

John W. Morehead said...

I can always count on substantive and well reasoned posts from those associated with Jackie Alnor and Apostasy Alert.

During my presentation and dialogue at the Pagan gathering Saturday I pointed out that those Christians who push for dialogue and fairness in understanding Paganism among Christians are often labeled dangerous, heretical, and Pagans themselves. This post confirms it.

Beyond these serious thoughts, this post is just plain funny. These folks are human cartoon characters, unfortunately.

lucedellaluna said...

John thank you so much for attending the Festival and for your workshop. I was approached later by many people that were so surprised to hear that you had found Spirituality in a place where some might not think to find it. And they applauded that you are open minded enough to come to a Pagan Festival and speak to them.

I noticed that the old Salt Lake City Pagan Pride Day website was referred in your post. The new Salt Lake City Pagan Pride Day can be found here:

This year for Salt Lake City Pagan Pride Day we are catering more towards non Pagans and the general public. This is a first for us to have a Christian come talk about his spiritual awareness and his experiences at Burning Man.

I am so sorry that you were criticized for your attendance at the Festival. Sadly these people speak of Jesus and yet in their hearts is hatred. I don't know the Bible that well, but I do remember a passage about people speaking of God with their lips, but their heart does not speak the same. Something along those lines.

Again, thank you John, for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk to a bunch of Pagans in the middle of the woods.

Bernadene Whitten
Salt Lake City Pagan Pride Day Local Coordinator