Thursday, January 04, 2007

A Busy Week - A Few Items

Philip Johnson is in Utah from Australia leading an intensive course in new religious movements at Salt Lake Theological Seminary. I am a part of this course and am busy with lectures and reading this week. I will catch up with other courses and ministry activities next week and can only make brief entries in blogging this week, but I wanted to note a few items.

First, John Smulo has launched a new website or blog called "Missional Apologetics." Drop by and take a look at how a new model of apologetics is shaping up.

Second, there is an interesting interview with the noted sociologist Peter Berger where he shares his thoughts on religion and globalization. These considerations are relevant to mission in the West, and emerging and contemporary church leaders should take note.

Third, I had an opportunity to observe a Yule Sabbat on December 23rd as a course assignment for the new religions course. The Sabbat celebration involved the Eagles Kindred group, a Neo-Pagan group from the Odinist and Asatru tradition. I would like to thank this group, and my contact from the Ogden Pagan Community Builders Yahoo! Group for allowing a seminary student to observe this celebration and get to know this community. I will post my observations and reflections next week.

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