Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Synchronized blogs on Church Syncretism

As time permits, I will be contributing to a new blog on the syncretism found in the American church. My friend and colleague, Phil Wyman has recently mentioned this on his blog:

Synchronizing a Blog on Syncretism

Attention all Blogmeisters!
On December 14 (which is a Thursday in my universe, in my locale we call this 12/14 because Americans do not place the numbers in sensible order, for you this might be 14/12 because you might drive on the wrong side of the road which is quite fun to do, especially in Antigua where the roads are narrow and lined with deep drainage ditches, goats, and mothers with babies - now back to December 14) some of us will be putting up a blog on the subject of syncretism in the Australian/Canadian/British or American Church. We are looking to identify in as many ways as possible the syncretism of today's church with today's culture. If you are up for the idea let me know. I will be coordinating the effort, and making sure everyone who wants to be in will get linked by all the other bloggers. There will be some e-mails going out as well sending people in our direction. On this blog you will be finding a discussion on "Syncretism in the Evangelical Church: The Consumerism of the Altar Call and the Sinner's Prayer." You can also find this request at Sally's Journey. Please send me this info: your name. your blog site, the specific subject you will cover on that day of December 14th - you know either 12/14, or 14/12.

Participants include:

Phil Wyman on "Syncretism in the Evangelical Church: The Consumerism of the Altar Call and the Sinner's Prayer"
Sally's Journey on "Time out from Tinsel"
Matt Stone on Family Values
Steve Hayes with an interesting turn about on where we find syncretism!
Mike Crockett on Church and Culture: a double-edged sword
Carl Nystedt on Syncretism: Pros and Cons
Billy Calderwood's Swimming in Divine Chaos
John Smulo's Blog

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Anonymous said...

I've been trying to look at all the syncretism blogs, but some aren't up yet. I suppose it's still Wednesday in some parts of the world to the West of me!