Sunday, June 04, 2006

Discourses on Emerging Church

A few colleagues of mine have been posting some interesting thoughts related to the Emerging Church, which has resulted in an interesting series of exchanges in one instance.

First, Jon Trott discussed his thoughts concerning an article at the The Ooze website (an EC electronic journal) that endorses panentheism.

Philip Johnson has discussed the need for the EC to be more culturally and theologially savvy.

And Matt Stone posted an article discussing his concerns about EC which has resulted in a spirited discussion on panentheism within some EC circles.

These posts and continuing discussions by like-minded colleagues are not meant to denigrate the EC, or to dismiss it wholesale as heresy, but rather represent attempts to come alongside EC participants in order to assist them in grapping with the theological, cultural, missional, and apologetic issues posed by postmodernity. I hope my readers will review the sources above and join the conversation and experimentation in this spirit.

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