Thursday, April 06, 2006

Off Next Week to California

My family and I leave tomorrow (Friday) for northern California and the Sacramento area. I will be presenting the Bridges training program to the combined churches of RiverCity Calvary Chapel and LifeSong Church. I will also be speaking on the challenge of Western culture and misisonal church to the college group of Fair Oaks Presbyterian Church Sunday night, and return Tuesday evening to update the church on my missions work in Utah at their monthly missions potluck. Beyond that I will be touching bases with various supporters, both individuals and churches, and I will be touching bases with key churches in order to pursue an Evangelical-LDS dialogue and Bridges training as an alternative to the distribution of literature during the opening of the LDS temple this summer in Rancho Cordova.

Given my travels in California I will not be posting on this blog next week. This means that those who enjoy reflecting on my posts will have to wait for a week, and my critics will have a week off as well which will allow their blood pressure and stress level to lower for a while.

I wish all my readers a wonderful Palm Sunday and Easter celebration.

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