Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Seeing Ourselves as Others See Us Once More

Over the last couple of days I received some interesting comments from folks about previous blog postings. One comment came from an anonymous Latter-day Saint who was sharing his perspective on evangelical responses to LDS temple openings. He pointed me to a blog that provides an LDS perspective on the issue, and it is worth reading. The title is "Evangelicals Are Spiteful, Intolerant Bigots." That should get the reader's attention. I encourage my fellow evangelicals to read the article with a healthy dose of self-criticism and reflection. Regardless of whether this is how you see yourself as you pass out tracts and hold up signs at LDS temple openings, Manti, General Conference, and other events, this is how the LDS people see you. There are some important lessons in this, if we can see ourselves as others see us.

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