Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I'm Jumping In!

For some time now various colleagues have been encouraging me to enter the "bloggosphere". My reply has been varied, including that I don't have time to add frequent posts to do blogging justice, to a fear that I might not have worthwhile comments to post, among other things. But since I have benefitted from the blogs of others, and believe this is a worthwhile means of sharing ideas and facilitating discussions, I've decided to jump in.

I will begin by sharing some of my experiences that will be helpful for folks in understanding the perspective I bring to the issues I will discuss. I look forward to the possibility of stimulating new ideas, and providing reasons to reassess some old ones. I only ask that my fellow bloggers truly engage me in mutual dialogue, no matter how off the wall you may find some of my thinking.

Let the blogging begin.

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